Cloo Labs - Leaders in Chlorine Dioxide Technology for commercial and personal use.
ClO2 for use in Odor controlCLOO Labs Inc. ™ is dedicated to developing Active Chlorine Dioxide based products for commercial and consumer use.
This is made possible through the recent introduction of our new revolutionary patent pending Chlorine Dioxide Disposable Micro Generator technology™, also known as ClO2DMG Technology ™.
This cutting edge technology that harnesses the super power of Chlorine Dioxide was specifically developed to physically and economically facilitate the generation of ClO2 Liquid Solution or Gas, depending on the application needed, at any point of use.
This easy to use, High-Tec, Disposable Chlorine Dioxide Delivery Systems is engineered from biodegradable materials. It does not leave any carbon footprint or release any VOC’s into the atmosphere and is consider eco friendly.
ClO2DMG Technology ™ delivers Chlorine Dioxide in a  fast, effective and inexpensive manner.
Through this technology, CLOO Labs Inc. is broadening the applications and delivering the benefits of ClO2 to an expanding market place.
All industries and customers alike around the world now have access to what once was limited to a few very expensive generation methods of ClO2 for large industrial applications.
Because of this new revolutionary technology, Chlorine Dioxide is now   readily available  and inexpensive. Making the tried and  true benefits that Chlorine Dioxide has to offer affordable for everyone!
These new and exciting products will be introduced through our CLOO Care™ product lines and our exclusive distributors.
So please check back with us for up and coming product release date and information.
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ClO2DMG Technology ™
Harnessing the super power of Chlorine Dioxide
100% biodegradable and eco friendly!