Cloo Labs - Leaders in Chlorine Dioxide Technology for commercial and personal use.
ClO2 for use in Odor control
Our mission at CLOO Labs Inc.™ is to make the many positive effects that Chlorine Dioxide has to offer, easily available, affordable, environmentally friendly and above all safe. Allowing small institutions, large industries and the general public alike to have access to all the benefits that Chlorine Dioxide delivers.
This 410,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility supersedes the strictest regulatory demands by OSHA, the EPA and many more. 
ClO2 for use in Odor control
It is an EPA registered manufacturing plant and is ISO 9000 Compliant.
ClO2 for use in Odor control
It houses research and development labs,climate controlled production areas, as well as fully automated blending, fill and seal, assembly, packaging and warehousing space and equipment .
The facility is secure, organized, and offer convenient access to rail lines.
ClO2 for use in Odor control
With this state-of-the-art facility and equipment CLOO Labs Inc.™ is properly equipped to be efficient, reliable and able to meet global demands effectively.
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ClO2DMG Technology ™
Harnessing the super power of Chlorine Dioxide
100% biodegradable and eco friendly!